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The Club
The club was founded in June 1972 and its main mission is to encourage the members' common interest by creating unity within the club.

Our club is like most other car clubs. We are a bunch of reasonably ambitious Lotus and Caterham Seven owners (approx. 100) and a few enthusiast currently without a Seven (approx. 30). Among other thing we keep (and cherish) a very complete register over the cars and their owners.

With help and encouragement we normally can handle most of the problems you may face as a Seven owner, and on top of this we have a lot of fun. There is also a club shop in which various kinds of regalia is sold.

If you own a Lotus or Caterham Seven you are welcome to become a member. Even if you do not own a Seven you may become a member, as long as you have the same keen interest for Lotus and Caterham Seven as we have. More information about membership on the contact page.
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